Hiring Reengineered
Leveraging peer insights

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What is Teamanics?
highest pay
Hiring Reengineered

Leveraging peer insights

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Everyone Participates and Gains
New Efficiency
Take out the guesswork and reduce bad hires. Save big and attract stronger talent pool.
Highest Pay
Job Seekers
Show your potential for higher paying jobs by asking current and past peers to rate your skills and traits
Rewards for Rating
Rate a peer and boost their career.
Earn rewards!
highest pay
A Career Platform to Move Up

We are a startup working with select employers who share our vision. We believe that employees with the right skills and traits succeed at jobs even when they don't have the relevant experience.

Teamanics Peer Ratings

Peer ratings are metrics of a candidate’s job skills and personality traits. More insightful than reference checks, more accurate than interview assessments, and more credible than social media endorsements.

Smart Resumes™

Smart Resumes drive great decision making. Measures on trust, experiences, skills & traits, and credentials are verified by peers and Teamanics. Smart Resumes deliver a holistic view on a candidate and a great match.

Confidential and Private

Confidentiality and privacy for Job-seekers and Raters. Job-seekers confidentially apply for a variety of jobs with customized job profiles. Verified raters confidentially rate their peers.

Higher Pay & Rewards

Improved efficiency reduces overhead costs for employers and leaves more money for job-seekers. Teamanics tops it off with rewards.

Rewards Program

Teamanics is reengineering hiring and its economics. It passes the savings to job-seekers and peers through a unique rewards program. Learn More...

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