Human Resources Specialist
at Samsung SDS!

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Human Resources Specialist

at Samsung SDS!

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About the Job
Samsung SDS, Plano, TX
Pay: $26 per hour
Full Time: Extendable contract
Benefits: Health insurance (company pays part of the premium), sick leave

Job Description

Immediately hiring!

Samsung SDS plays a leading role in the global market with unique logistics services. Samsung SDS America, Inc. is looking for a Human Resources Specialist to handle general affairs duties to ensure smooth and efficient operations. This role is based in Plano, TX.

You will work closely with vendors and building management to address office maintenance, equipment purchase or lease, contract negotiation, safety and other facility needs as required. To be a successful HR Specialist you will ensure compliance with relevant company policies and regulations.

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  • Build positive rapport and relationships with various vendors
  • Be a communication liaison between property manager, facilities, security and staff
  • Assist with office space arrangement and renovation
  • Create shipping labels when requested by other employees
  • Consolidate attendance/COVID-19 and other data from all locations in NA
  • Process invoices for various vendors in a timely manner by working closely with the finance team
  • Manage badge and access control for new hires and existing employees
  • Prepare office supplies, name card, and other necessary equipment for new hires
  • Process various requests including office supplies, business cards, company cell phone inventory, etc.
  • Support VP's for various tasks that are requested
  • Routinely take care of facility management (safety and cleanliness) of all areas in the office
  • Plan and coordinate location events and meetings throughout the year
  • Contribute to overall human resource team by accomplishing related tasks as needed


  • 2+ years of experience working in Human Resources (HR)
  • Knowledgeable of computer security software or electronic equipment
  • Excellent computer skills (including high proficiency in Microsoft Excel, Word, and PowerPoint)
  • Effective oral and written communication skills
  • Excellent interpersonal and organizational skills
  • Great attention to detail and skilled in taking initiatives
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Samsung SDS goes beyond a resume and uses Teamanics to learn about your strengths. Your peers confirm your strengths by giving ratings.

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